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County Council Update:   March 16, 2023

from Councilman David Reagor

[email protected]

County Council Update:  May 17, 2021

from Councilman David Reagor

[email protected]

- Board Openings: We have a chance for some local conservatives to get involved in local government. Two seats are available for Republicans on the registration board. Two seats are also available on the community development advisory board. Also, a seat is open on Planning and Zoning and a couple seats on Environmental Sustainability. All are good ways to get involved with a light commitment. Typically they meet once a month, with a little prep on other days.

In detail:

Board of Registration. They are in charge of voter registration. We have some people who are perfect for this but they are already on the RPLA executive committee. We really need to expand the number of participants in these processes. There is a nice article on this in the LA reporter: The applications must be in by May 20th.

Community Development Advisory Board. They meet tonight, Monday 5/17, and you can watch it on zoom to see what they are doing. Zoom Link: The chairman asked me to put out a notice to the republicans of Los Alamos, as they want to have some other viewpoints on the committee. They have three democrats and two independents and zero republicans, but also have two openings.

Planning and Zoning. One new spot on this board. This board is important to small businesses, as our tight real estate market leads to small businesses using homes under special use permits. It is a perfect place to advocate for small businesses and economic opportunity.

Environmental Sustainability Board. I do not know much about these seats.

- Budget: $245M is a new record for the county. It passed 6-1 with only myself in opposition. In a time of plenty the government gets a bit money drunk. This includes $2.5M for bear carts for everyone in the county. One crazy item is mandatory bear proof carts for White Rock. I have never seen in bear in my neighborhood, Brighton Loop. I have never seen a bear track in the nearby arroyos. As for the bears in Los Alamos, just make the bear proof carts free to those who ask. Some people just keep their trash in their garage, others will never need one. Why make everything a mandate? Let the people pick sensible alternatives. We need sensible conservative viewpoints at every level of the government.

- Downtown plans and economic development are the next big issue for the council. So far, the discussion is mostly of putative measures for the landlords. That is unlikely to help. I am talking to business owners and landlords to develop a policy that really addresses barriers to development. I am always eager to hear input from you on this topic.

- Broadband did receive $0.5M for planning. This is our biggest issue for future economic development.

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