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About Us

The Republican Party of Los Alamos (RPLA) is the primary advocate and support organization for Republican candidates and voters in Los Alamos County, NM.  We are here to actively promote  conservative principles to governance and local issues.  The RPLA's vision for Los Alamos County is a county wherein taxes are low, government is small and accountable, our children receive a world-class education, regulations are reasonable, small business is encouraged, and responsible public policy results in an enhanced quality of life for all.  We gather regularly to educate ourselves about local political and policy issues and support our local candidates.  The RPLA Central Committee meets every 2 months, on the 3rd Thursday.  We also schedule Ward meetings and special events throughout the year.  Please join us!  We would like to see more Republicans informed, engaged, and active.   

Mission Statement

As Republicans, we believe in PEOPLE. Extraordinary strength and capability lies in the diverse people of our community, state, and nation.  Individual freedom, personal responsibility, hard work, responsible free enterprise, and strong moral character and compassion are foundations of our society. Governments have essential roles. But governments at all levels have far outgrown good intentions to threaten those foundations. We must elect – and hold accountable – leaders who will refocus governments on executing their legitimate tasks well instead of enslaving and bankrupting us and our progeny. We welcome all who trust and believe in PEOPLE more than in ever bigger governments.

–Adopted Principles of the Republican Party of Los Alamos County

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