I Voted For…

by: Marvin Covault, Lt Gen US Army retired. October 23, 2020
I voted early in case I got into a quarantine situation. My presidential preference was not based on personality. I voted because there are multiple issues before us that will define the future of our republic which is hanging in the balance.

I voted for the economy: I’m in favor of lower taxes, not higher. I’m for less poverty; over 4 million Americans lifted out of poverty, 2018-2019. I like higher wages (median household income increased by $4,400 in 2019; up 9.7% in the last 3 years). I prefer less food stamps (food stamp recipients are down 8.5 million from the Obama/Biden high). I’m in favor of opportunity; historically high employment for women, Hispanics and Black Americans. Income gains for minorities topped all income groups in 2019.

Unsecure borders are a national security issue. I voted against open borders for tens of million illegals.

I voted to continue not being held hostage by the need for foreign oil; fracking has provided perhaps the single most significant issue with respect to US foreign policy development. For decades all Middle East policy has been driven by our need for imported oil. Our export of natural gas to Europe is providing freedom from Russian gas dependance.  More available oil and gas at lower prices is putting enormous economic pressure on some of our adversaries, namely Iran and Russia. 

For decades NATO countries have not paid their share. Now they are paying. The democrats call that bullying. I voted for someone who will stand up for America’s interests and American taxpayers.

I voted against Canada and Mexico taking our jobs and markets under punitive NAFTA provisions. NAFTA has been replaced.
Four previous presidents stood by and watched China steal our technology and move towards world domination. I voted for standing up to the Chicoms.
Our embassy in Israel should have moved decades ago. I voted for Mr. what-the-hell-are-we-waiting-for.

I voted for a rare occurrence in our history, someone who has kept his campaign promises.
We had become a regulation-nation, stifling progress and innovation. I voted to continue the massive deregulation clean-up and economic growth.
I voted against appeasement towards our adversaries. It didn’t work 2009-2017 and it won’t work 2021-2025. 
I voted against retrofitting every structure in the country to meet some pie-in-the-sky green environmental goal.

I voted for the geo-political paradigm shift orchestrated this year from the White House in the Middle East that will align countries against Iran’s long-range plan for Middle East hegemony; AKA a “Middle East NATO.” 
I voted against a plan to compel workers to join a union and pay union dues, thereby voting for right-to-work laws administered at the State level. 
For decades we have been drowning in the Washington swamp. I voted to continue draining the muck. 

I’m sick of violence and looting in democrat-run cities. I voted for someone who will do something about it.
Abandoning, degrading and defunding our police is nonsense and unamerican. I voted to stand with those in blue who put their butts on the line every day for all of us.

In Fiscal Year 2019, ICE officers arrested and removed more than 267,00 criminal aliens. I voted for someone who knows how important ICE is rather than those who will abolish it.
Charter schools are making a positive difference in education in general and particularly in low-income communities. I voted for someone who believes this is positive, necessary and must be expanded, not someone who will abolish charter schools in order to appease the teachers’ unions. 
The dem’s big, all-knowing, all-controlling government is a non-starter. I voted for states-rights and the wisdom of our founding fathers.
The First and Second Amendments to the Constitution are under attack. I voted to, “…. support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic…”
Most of us know socialism is a failed system. I voted against those who just don’t get it.

I voted for someone who I know will not send a, supposed-to-have-been secret plane load of cash to Iran so the world’s number one state-sponsor of terrorism can use it to kill innocent women and children around the world. 
I voted for someone who is wise enough to put America and Americans first and still be the most benevolent nation in the world’s history.
I voted for someone who is not afraid to call out the United Nations for their daily display of stupidity and ineptitude.
I voted against protected havens for our criminals, AKA democrat sanctuary cities and states.
I recognize that many women want, “the right to choose”. Until someone can explain to me the difference between very late third-term abortions and premeditated murder, I vote against it.

I voted against taxpayer funded Medicare and food stamps for illegal aliens. 
No one hates war more than military leaders. I voted for a Commander in Chief who clearly knows how to exert economic pressure to inhibit rogue-nation activities rather than using a knee-jerk military strike. But at the same time someone who can surgically use the military without hesitation when called for. ISIS califate leaders, remember us?
Military strength is a powerful deterrent. I voted for someone who understands that. Carter decimated the military. Clinton completely hollowed out the forces. Obama departed with one, yes just one, fully combat-ready Army brigade and 50% of the fighter aircraft could not get off the ground. Anyone see a pattern here? 

In the past we have looked at our presidents’ ability to adroitly meld diplomacy and military strength. I voted for a president who has expanded that thinking to include international economic pressure with powerful positive results for America and the world.  I voted for someone who understands that when the weak and downtrodden need a helping hand, the United States will act. Russia invaded Ukraine; Obama sent blankets. This administration sent the latest tank-killer weapons. 
For decades no president made a move against a North Korean regime bent on putting a nuclear warhead on the pointy end of an intercontinental missile. That is, until the NK foreign minister announced to the world that, “A nuclear strike on a US city is inevitable.” My commander-in-chief was all over the short, fat guy and has kept up unrelenting pressure. North Korean nuclear testing stopped. 

The amazing wisdom of our founding fathers foresaw the distinct possibility that future presidential elections could be driven by a few population centers, like Philadelphia, New York and Boston in their day.  Creation of the Electoral College was brilliant. Without the Electoral College in the 2016 election where Trump carried 85% of the counties in America, the election would have been won by the Clinton plurality in just five counties on the east and West coasts. I voted for someone who understands the wisdom of the Electoral College concept. 
There are two solutions to getting Black Americans out of poverty and low-income, crime-ridden neighborhoods. Good jobs and a good education. I voted for both.

I voted for someone who believes promises-made equals promises-kept. I didn’t vote for a politician, I voted for a results-driven pragmatist.
I voted for someone I can trust to defend and promote America first.
I voted for Donald Trump because he understands and promotes all of the above while I have zero confidence that either Biden or Harris has the intent or capability to pursue any of these issues that define the future of our great Republic. 
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