Post-Election Remarks from the Chair


Well the election is almost over (it seems as if the Ds are determined to keep counting ballots until Biden wins).  We shall see.

Thanks to all of the candidates who worked so hard to give the voters of New Mexico a choice.  You turned in a great effort.

Thanks to Jolyn McTiegue and her family for working so hard for Trump Victory in northern New Mexico.

Thanks to all of the conservatives and Republicans who gave so much of their time, energy and money in support of this election.  We knew that it was going to be an uphill battle to turn NM Red, but we gave it a good effort.

Congratulations to Dave Reagor on his victory!!!  For a while he will be the lone conservative voice on the County Council.  We need to continue to support and encourage him. 

Also, we need to start NOW in recruiting candidates for the County Council, School Board and other opportunities for conservatives to engage in our county government.

Regarding the political signs – we are requesting that you collect the metal frames and supports for use in the next election.  Please call or drop off these wire frames and stands at:

Bill McKerley
700 Meadow Lane
White Rock, NM  87547

Bill McKerley