Vote NO to Amendment 1

NO to Amendment 1 that will be on the ballot in November. Do you want to change the NMPRC to be made up of five ELECTED members to three APPOINTED by the Governor members? Do you want Representative Government or Administrative Government?The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (NMPRC) regulates the utilities, telecommunications, and motor carrier industries to ensure fair and reasonable rates, and to assure reasonable and adequate services to the public as provided by law.

The NMPRC promotes public safety through the offices of State Fire Marshal, the Firefighter Training Academy, Pipeline Safety Bureau and Transportation Division.

Be aware of what you are voting for/against.

VOTE NO to Amendment #1

Posted by Republican Party of Los Alamos on Friday, September 18, 2020

#MAGA flag waving event on Saturday, September 12th!

Upcoming dates: Saturdays 10am-1pm: September 26th, October 10th, October 24th.

Shona and Terra of LAFRW did a great job with Facebook Live!

A fantastic time at our #MAGA flag waving event on Trinity! We're ready for #4moreyears #TRUMP2020BABY

Posted by Republican Party of Los Alamos on Saturday, September 12, 2020

Trump Victory New Mexico

Dear Trump Supporters, Volunteers, and Candidates,  

The race is about to speed up for a Trump Victory.
Get on board and prepare yourselves for a fast ride!  

Local Events:  MARK YOUR CALENDARS!   

September 8. Los Alamos Ladies for Trump, 1:30 at 505 Oppenheimer Clubhouse, Los Alamos  

September 9. Women For Trump Victory Bus Tour, 2:15 @ Trump Victory Headquarters, 1111 North Riverside Drive, Española 

September 12. Wave Your US and Trump Flags with Robert Hansel, 10-2 at  Ashley Pond, Los Alamos  

September 12. Back the Blue Rally with Bikers for Trump and Cowboys for Trump, 11-3 @ Española   

September 17.  Poll Worker Training, 9 am at Municipal Building, Los Alamos   September 17.  Republican Party of Los Alamos monthly meeting at 6 pm, contact Lisa Shin at  

September 18. Santa Fe Women’s Gala Honoring Roberta Cheek of CareNet, Guest Speaker Tammy Bruce  

September 19.  Meet and Greet with District 43 Candidate David Hampton at Lindreth, NM  

September 26.  Sportsmen’s Club Community Day, 8-5 at Shooting Range in Rendija Canyon, Los Alamos  

September 26.  Worship and Prayer Services, State Capitol, west side stairs at 10 am and east side at 5 pm – 8 pm, Santa Fe  

October 6.  Last day to register to vote before General Election 2020  

October 6. Early Voting Begins through October 31, 8-5 at Municipal Building, Los Alamos  

October 17. Early Voting Begins through October 31, 8-6 at Town Hall, White Rock  

November 3.  Election Day, Polls Open 7-7, Los Alamos Municipal Building, Golf Course, and White Rock Town Hall    

Local Resources:   Register to vote or schedule voter registration at a church, contact Jen Seirp at or visit NMVOTE.ORG  

Trump Yard Signs and Bumper Stickers, contact James Whitehead at  

Join Republican Party of Los Alamos, contact Bill McKerley at  

Join Federated Republican Women of Los Alamos, contact Shona Neff at  

Support David Reagor for Los Alamos County Council, contact David Reagor at  

Support David Hampton for New Mexico House District 43, contact David Hampton at  

Support Alexis Martinez Johnson for CD3, contact Alexis Johnson at   

Would you commit to phone calls or canvassing for just ONE HOUR per week until the Election?  Contact me at  

God bless each of you, Jolyn McTeague Trump Victory Field Organizer  

Virtual Townhall with Diamantina Prado Storment on August 20th, 6pm

RPLA is inviting you a monthly Republican meeting via RingCentral

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
    Password: Trump2020

Or Telephone:
    Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location): 
           +1(623)4049000 (US West)
     Meeting ID: 149 532 1461

Elections have consequences!

Dear Friends,

This has been quite an eventful and unusual July so far.

President Trump presented an excellent speech at Mount Rushmore on July 3. The speech was positive and patriotic and spoke to the powerful heritage of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt. These imperfect men helped our country make great strides toward forming (not a perfect) but “a more perfect union.”

News outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and others inaccurately editorialized the President’s speech. This reoccurring, deceitful and distorted reporting is a disgrace and a great disservice to our country and is one of many problems facing the country.

Other National and State-wide Concerns:

  • The riots, looting, arson, and mayhem occurring across the nation.
  • The hijacking of constitutional, peaceful protesting.
  • The demands to defund the police or reallocate funds to even more social programs.
  • The demoralizing, unsafe restrictions imposed on police officers trying to maintain law and order.
  • The killing of babies even up to the point of birth. (ABQ is the late-term abortion capital of the US).
  • The movement to grant citizenship to more than 11 million illegal immigrants.
  • Hastily written “Red Flag” laws that ignore due process.
  • The assault on 2nd amendment rights.
  • The assault on oil and natural gas production.
  • Inconsistent Covid-19 response that has shut down small businesses while favoring big box stores.
  • The portrayal of America and our way of life as fundamentally flawed.
  • The agenda to dismantle our way of life and rebuild it into a “socialist utopia.”
  • Recently Joe Biden released his “Unity Plan.” One of the results of Biden’s collaborative effort with Bernie Sanders is a 110-page document that, for all intents and purposes, adopts aspects of Sanders’s socialist agenda. Sanders said, “When I talked to Joe awhile back, he said that he wants to be the most progressive president since FDR.”

Some Local Concerns:

  • The need for low cost utilities that are delivered efficiently.
  • The need for a streamlined system that promotes the success of local businesses, that does not impede them with a slow-moving bureaucracy and oppressive regulations.
  • The need to maintain a high level of health care using capital funds and partnerships.
  • The need for practical initiatives, not grandiose plans, that improve life here in Los Alamos.

Many of our Democrat, Independent and Libertarian brothers and sisters are watching the insanity running rampant across our country and are just as concerned as we are. They are looking for candidates who support their goals and values.   Let’s reach across the aisle and respectfully ask our non-Republican friends to join us in electing representatives who love this great country and are willing to support the rule of law and democracy.

Candidates need money!

Doorhangers and ads promote their messages.

PLEASE DONATE: We cannot hold our annual Constitution Day Dinner. In the past the proceeds from this major fundraiser have provided campaign funds for Republican candidates.

Please donate the cost of a dinner ticket which was usually $50.00 per person. (Hey, you don’t have to dress up, leave home, or listen to me jabber.) Any amount is appreciated.

Please visit the candidates’ websites, learn what their messages and values are, and support them as you can. You can also contribute at our donate page on this website or mail a check to the address below. The money will go to support candidates’ campaigns.

P.O. Box 832
Los Alamos, NM87544


We need a conservative voice locally. There are none on the council.
David Reagor, Los Alamos County Council

Send conservatives to the New Mexico Roundhouse:
Diamantina Prado Storment, NM Senate District 5

David E. Hampton, NM House District 43

Send conservatives to Congress and the Senate.
Alexis Johnson – Congress CD-3

Mark Ronchetti – US Senate

Elect conservative judges.  (

Barbara V. Johnson, NM Appeals Court, Position 1

Gertrude Lee, NM Appeals Court, Position 2

Ned Fuller – NM Supreme Court, Position 1

Kerry Morris – Supreme Court, Position 2

Thomas C. Montoya, NM Appeals Court, Position 3

Elect a conservative to the Public Regulation Commission.

Janice E. Arnold-Jones, Public Regulation Commission, District 1.

Other ways you can help:


Call me at 505-331-3686 if you would like to help with any of these efforts.

Reelect President Donald J. Trump!

4 More Years

Keep America Great.


Let’s turn New Mexico RED!!
Bill McKerley, RPLA Chairman

Happy Independence Day: Treasure it!

by Lucille Bonner

Dear Editor,

Happy Independence Day! Treasure it! Know that the only difference between independence and tyranny in America is: vigilant citizens. 

This country was founded by the states, giving the federal government limited powers.  These powers were intended to protect us from enemies so that we could be free to make something of ourselves with the Lord God’s help.

Now some people want to take away citizens’ God-given liberties.  Those of us who want to continue to trust in God, to honor human life as sacred, to respect marriage as God instituted it, and to have guns to defend our freedoms would no longer be allowed to do so.

I have found that President Donald Trump loves America, wants to preserve our freedom, obeys our Constitution, and has befriended Israel—God’s chosen people through whom God provided the Savior for simple mankind:  Christ Jesus.  President Trump humbly prays about decisions and asks our prayers. 

Which candidates we citizens choose in the election in November will decide America’s future.  Beware of any candidates who promise free college education, free healthcare, free food, etc.  They plan to finance those new privileges with your taxpayer money. Pray. Be vigilant. Vote intelligently. 

            Your fellow citizen,

            Lucille Bonner

209 Rio Bravo Dr., Los Alamos, NM 87547