Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the RPLA!

Dear Fellow Republicans and Conservatives,

As 2020 comes to a close, we have a lot to reflect on.  The 2020 elections are history (or at least most of them) and it is time to start planning for 2021. 

We have the great honor and privilege to live in the greatest country on earth. We have much to celebrate and be thankful for, even in the midst of the great political divide, the lawlessness that erupted in parts of the country and in the midst of all that the COVID situation has brought. We are greatly blessed, and our country and our heritage are worth supporting and fighting for.  Our founding fathers gave us an amazing Constitution, Bill of Rights, the power of the vote, and so much more.  We take these for granted at our peril.  Our Republic cannot continue this level of prosperity and freedom on unsupported momentum. We must expend time, energy, and vigilance to protect the freedoms and opportunities it offers. 

The presidential election is still in dispute.  There are valid and verifiable claims and allegations of incompetence, fraud, and criminal behavior.  The American people must demand a full and thorough response to ensure that the rule of law succeeds in exposing and correcting any fraudulent activity. We cannot be silent if we hope to keep future elections true and honest. If it is determined that Joe Biden is the lawfully elected President, then we must respect our nation’s choice and keep working to educate people on the dangers of socialism and the rewards of American freedom and industry, personal and national.  

During the 2020 election, severe restrictions were placed on campaigning, face to face interactions, and fundraising events.  However, even with these limitations, the candidates turned out great efforts.  My congratulations to all the candidates who had the courage and tenacity to throw their hats in the ring and run for office.  This is a good thing, and it is a patriotic thing.

Specifically, congratulations to David Reagor on his election to the county council.  We need to redouble our efforts to elect other conservatives to ensure that David does not have to serve alone.

The Trump Victory effort in northern New Mexico was impressive.  Thanks to all the volunteers who gave of their time and energy to support this worthy endeavor.  A special note of thanks and recognition goes out to Jolyn McTeigue and her family.  She was supported by a number of volunteers and they demonstrated focus and hard work.  We need to mimic such efforts locally and statewide to support future candidates for office.

I am especially grateful to the Executive Committee for their hard work and support.  I have a great deal of respect and appreciation for each one of the officers who served with such dedication:  James Whitehead, First Vice Chair; Paul Jaramillo, Second Vice Chair; Lisa Shin, Secretary; Gary Stradling, Treasurer; Shona Neff, (former) President of LAFRW; and Dianne Coane and Heather Muck, members at large.

Thank you to all those who gave so freely of their time to serve on the Central Committee.

We have much work to do in 2021 to reach out to the citizens of Los Alamos County and reintroduce them to RPLA and the conservative and patriotic values we embrace. We must be much more effective than in the recent past. 

At the State Central Committee Meeting held on Monday, December 7, members of the State Central Committee voted electronically to elect candidates to officer positions in the Republican Party of New Mexico.  The following officers were elected to 2-year terms:

Chairman – Steve Pearce
First Vice Chairman – Robert Aragon
Second Vice Chairman – Robert Graham
CD1 – Vice Chair – Ali Ennenga
CD2 – Vice Chair – Amy Barela
CD3 – Vice Chair – Anita Statman
Secretary – Mari Spinelli
Treasurer – David Chavez

Congratulations to these elected officials.

The new state party officers will determine a time frame during which RPLA can hold its election. Then RPLA will issue an Official Call.  The Official Call is a public message notifying all registered Republican voters in Los Alamos County that they are invited to participate in our county party election

At this meeting several elections will occur.  

RPLA county-wide officers to be elected are the county chair, first vice chair, second vice chair, secretary, and treasurer.

RPLA Ward chairs will be selected for their ward.

RPLA County Central Committee members will be selected.

RPLA State Central Committee members will be selected.

If you are interested in serving in any of these capacities, we need your energy and engagement. Please come and get involved.

2020 has gotten the attention of conservatives in New Mexico and across the nation. I envision 2021 to be a year in which we team with state and national organizations to better understand the circumstances of this election, and to organize and mobilize locally and state-wide to monitor and protect our polls in New Mexico. We must be more agile and energetic than the opposition to ensure that the conservative vote carries in the future. 

Again, thanks to all of you for your dedication and support.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from RPLA.

God Bless America!

Bill McKerley, 
Chairman Republican Party of Los Alamos County