Karen Bedonie for CD3

Karen Bedonie is a New Mexico native and a member of the Navajo Nation tribe. As a mother of 8 and a small business owner, Karen is the candidate Republicans need to take this seat from big-government Democrats.

Karen embodies the values of conservatives, as they align perfectly with her Navajo culture. She is hard-working, independent, and tough with the passion for fighting for change in New Mexico. She is proud to take a stand against identity politics, and stand tall as a conservative, an American, and a Navajo woman.

Democrats have controlled the outcome in New Mexico for years. Under their leadership, New Mexico just ranked 50th in the nation for child well-being and 50th for K-12 education. We cannot afford to stay at the bottom any longer. Their agenda has failed New Mexicans, and their recent push toward radical socialism threatens our citizens more than ever before.

Having seen first hand the destruction caused by socialism, she is running to preserve American freedoms and our rights. Socialism is a failed experiment by the Democrats that have been in practice on Native American Indian reservations since their inception. It institutes practices that remove self-reliance and drives a hard program of dependence and mediocre promises of equality for all, eventually creating a nightmare of poverty and destruction. Karen knows that socialism is never the answer, and vows to protect New Mexico from its empty promises in the future.

Fueled by opposition to Socialism, Karen became an entrepreneur herself. Becoming a small business owner with her husband in the counties of San Juan and McKinley and in the Navajo Nation, allowed her the chance to rail against the status quo. Self-reliance and hard work were her way of fighting back to Socialist ideals, as well as contributing to the economic prosperity of New Mexico.

Karen is passionate about New Mexicans, and now more than ever, we need a tough and thoughtful Republican like Karen, who will get us back on track. She will fight until we can successfully provide our citizens with quality jobs, a secure border, excellent public education, and health care.

Karen is the toughness New Mexico needs to prosper. READ MORE HERE