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Post-Election Remarks from the Chair


Well the election is almost over (it seems as if the Ds are determined to keep counting ballots until Biden wins).  We shall see.

Thanks to all of the candidates who worked so hard to give the voters of New Mexico a choice.  You turned in a great effort.

Thanks to Jolyn McTiegue and her family for working so hard for Trump Victory in northern New Mexico.

Thanks to all of the conservatives and Republicans who gave so much of their time, energy and money in support of this election.  We knew that it was going to be an uphill battle to turn NM Red, but we gave it a good effort.

Congratulations to Dave Reagor on his victory!!!  For a while he will be the lone conservative voice on the County Council.  We need to continue to support and encourage him. 

Also, we need to start NOW in recruiting candidates for the County Council, School Board and other opportunities for conservatives to engage in our county government.

Regarding the political signs – we are requesting that you collect the metal frames and supports for use in the next election.  Please call or drop off these wire frames and stands at:

Bill McKerley
700 Meadow Lane
White Rock, NM  87547

Bill McKerley

I Voted For…

by: Marvin Covault, Lt Gen US Army retired. October 23, 2020
I voted early in case I got into a quarantine situation. My presidential preference was not based on personality. I voted because there are multiple issues before us that will define the future of our republic which is hanging in the balance.

I voted for the economy: I’m in favor of lower taxes, not higher. I’m for less poverty; over 4 million Americans lifted out of poverty, 2018-2019. I like higher wages (median household income increased by $4,400 in 2019; up 9.7% in the last 3 years). I prefer less food stamps (food stamp recipients are down 8.5 million from the Obama/Biden high). I’m in favor of opportunity; historically high employment for women, Hispanics and Black Americans. Income gains for minorities topped all income groups in 2019.

Unsecure borders are a national security issue. I voted against open borders for tens of million illegals.

I voted to continue not being held hostage by the need for foreign oil; fracking has provided perhaps the single most significant issue with respect to US foreign policy development. For decades all Middle East policy has been driven by our need for imported oil. Our export of natural gas to Europe is providing freedom from Russian gas dependance.  More available oil and gas at lower prices is putting enormous economic pressure on some of our adversaries, namely Iran and Russia. 

For decades NATO countries have not paid their share. Now they are paying. The democrats call that bullying. I voted for someone who will stand up for America’s interests and American taxpayers.

I voted against Canada and Mexico taking our jobs and markets under punitive NAFTA provisions. NAFTA has been replaced.
Four previous presidents stood by and watched China steal our technology and move towards world domination. I voted for standing up to the Chicoms.
Our embassy in Israel should have moved decades ago. I voted for Mr. what-the-hell-are-we-waiting-for.

I voted for a rare occurrence in our history, someone who has kept his campaign promises.
We had become a regulation-nation, stifling progress and innovation. I voted to continue the massive deregulation clean-up and economic growth.
I voted against appeasement towards our adversaries. It didn’t work 2009-2017 and it won’t work 2021-2025. 
I voted against retrofitting every structure in the country to meet some pie-in-the-sky green environmental goal.

I voted for the geo-political paradigm shift orchestrated this year from the White House in the Middle East that will align countries against Iran’s long-range plan for Middle East hegemony; AKA a “Middle East NATO.” 
I voted against a plan to compel workers to join a union and pay union dues, thereby voting for right-to-work laws administered at the State level. 
For decades we have been drowning in the Washington swamp. I voted to continue draining the muck. 

I’m sick of violence and looting in democrat-run cities. I voted for someone who will do something about it.
Abandoning, degrading and defunding our police is nonsense and unamerican. I voted to stand with those in blue who put their butts on the line every day for all of us.

In Fiscal Year 2019, ICE officers arrested and removed more than 267,00 criminal aliens. I voted for someone who knows how important ICE is rather than those who will abolish it.
Charter schools are making a positive difference in education in general and particularly in low-income communities. I voted for someone who believes this is positive, necessary and must be expanded, not someone who will abolish charter schools in order to appease the teachers’ unions. 
The dem’s big, all-knowing, all-controlling government is a non-starter. I voted for states-rights and the wisdom of our founding fathers.
The First and Second Amendments to the Constitution are under attack. I voted to, “…. support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic…”
Most of us know socialism is a failed system. I voted against those who just don’t get it.

I voted for someone who I know will not send a, supposed-to-have-been secret plane load of cash to Iran so the world’s number one state-sponsor of terrorism can use it to kill innocent women and children around the world. 
I voted for someone who is wise enough to put America and Americans first and still be the most benevolent nation in the world’s history.
I voted for someone who is not afraid to call out the United Nations for their daily display of stupidity and ineptitude.
I voted against protected havens for our criminals, AKA democrat sanctuary cities and states.
I recognize that many women want, “the right to choose”. Until someone can explain to me the difference between very late third-term abortions and premeditated murder, I vote against it.

I voted against taxpayer funded Medicare and food stamps for illegal aliens. 
No one hates war more than military leaders. I voted for a Commander in Chief who clearly knows how to exert economic pressure to inhibit rogue-nation activities rather than using a knee-jerk military strike. But at the same time someone who can surgically use the military without hesitation when called for. ISIS califate leaders, remember us?
Military strength is a powerful deterrent. I voted for someone who understands that. Carter decimated the military. Clinton completely hollowed out the forces. Obama departed with one, yes just one, fully combat-ready Army brigade and 50% of the fighter aircraft could not get off the ground. Anyone see a pattern here? 

In the past we have looked at our presidents’ ability to adroitly meld diplomacy and military strength. I voted for a president who has expanded that thinking to include international economic pressure with powerful positive results for America and the world.  I voted for someone who understands that when the weak and downtrodden need a helping hand, the United States will act. Russia invaded Ukraine; Obama sent blankets. This administration sent the latest tank-killer weapons. 
For decades no president made a move against a North Korean regime bent on putting a nuclear warhead on the pointy end of an intercontinental missile. That is, until the NK foreign minister announced to the world that, “A nuclear strike on a US city is inevitable.” My commander-in-chief was all over the short, fat guy and has kept up unrelenting pressure. North Korean nuclear testing stopped. 

The amazing wisdom of our founding fathers foresaw the distinct possibility that future presidential elections could be driven by a few population centers, like Philadelphia, New York and Boston in their day.  Creation of the Electoral College was brilliant. Without the Electoral College in the 2016 election where Trump carried 85% of the counties in America, the election would have been won by the Clinton plurality in just five counties on the east and West coasts. I voted for someone who understands the wisdom of the Electoral College concept. 
There are two solutions to getting Black Americans out of poverty and low-income, crime-ridden neighborhoods. Good jobs and a good education. I voted for both.

I voted for someone who believes promises-made equals promises-kept. I didn’t vote for a politician, I voted for a results-driven pragmatist.
I voted for someone I can trust to defend and promote America first.
I voted for Donald Trump because he understands and promotes all of the above while I have zero confidence that either Biden or Harris has the intent or capability to pursue any of these issues that define the future of our great Republic. 
Email link  https://conta.cc/31Drke9

President Trump’s Historic Coronavirus Response

“My Administration will stop at nothing to save lives and shield the vulnerable.”

President Donald J. Trump


  • Took early action to cut off travel from China
  • Built the world’s leading testing system from nothing
  • Enacted mitigation measures to slow the spread
  • Mobilized public and private sectors to secure needed supplies
  • Took action to protect vulnerable Americans
  • Launched effort to deliver a vaccine and therapeutics in record time
  • Provided support to workers and businesses
  • Paved way for reopening to get America working again
  • Surged resources to hot spots as they arose
  • Confronted China as origin of the virus while Democrats and media cowered

At the outset, President Trump took action to stop travel from China to stem the spread to the United States as long as possible.

  • While Democrats were focused on their impeachment sham, President Trump took swift and decisive action to stop travel from China in January and enhanced airport screenings to help stop cases from coming into the United States as long as possible.
  • In his February 4th State of the Union address, President Trump pledged to “take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from the virus,” while the Democrats’ response made not a single mention of the virus or even the threat of China.

President Trump built the world’s leading testing system from nothing, based on a virus we have never faced before.

  • In order to accurately trace and combat this virus, President Trump set out to build the world’s best testing system, and that’s exactly what he did.
  • We have already conducted more than 65 million tests, far outpacing any other country.

As soon as cases began to rise, President Trump released guidance to slow the spread.

  • President Trump released guidance recommending mitigation measures critical to slowing the spread of the virus, and the American people stepped up to do their part.
  • Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx have attested to the fact that President Trump took action as soon as the data was presented to him.

In order to secure the supplies needed to confront the surge in coronavirus we faced, President Trump led the largest mobilization of public and private sector resources since WWII.

  • The President directed his Administration to secure and distribute needed medical supplies to states in need – resulting in billions of PPE delivered so far.
  • At the President’s urging, private companies shifted production to supplying masks, ventilators, hand sanitizer, testing supplies, and more.
  • President Trump has acted under the Defense Production Act more than 30 times to ensure we have the supplies we need.
  • When we faced a potentially catastrophic shortage of ventilators, President Trump took action to produce 100,000 ventilators and ensure no patient who needs one goes without a ventilator.

President Trump moved swiftly to protect vulnerable communities.

  • The Administration quickly established guidelines for nursing homes and expanded telehealth opportunities to protect our vulnerable seniors.
  • The President took action to ensure that uninsured Americans are able to get the COVID-19 care and testing they need.
  • President Trump directed Secretary Carson to focus the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council on underserved communities impacted by COVID-19.
  • The Administration is investing approximately $2 billion in community health centers, helping their 28 million patients in medically underserved areas receive the care and testing they need.

Early in the fight against the virus, President Trump launched a historic effort to develop a vaccine and therapeutics in record time.

  • President Trump understood early on that in order to defeat this virus once and for all and protect Americans, we need a vaccine and therapeutics.
  • President Trump revolutionized the clinical trial process to ensure Americans get a safe vaccine as quickly as possible, by providing unprecedented investments in leading vaccine candidates to simultaneously produce them as they are tested and developed.
  • Thanks to President Trump’s efforts, coronavirus vaccine trials have progressed at record speeds, with multiple candidates already in or near the final stage of clinical trials.

President Trump responded to the devastating toll the virus took on our businesses and workers and secured unprecedented financial support.

  • The President negotiated and launched the Paycheck Protection Program – helping save 51 million American jobs.
  • President Trump secured direct payments to help the countless Americans who are hurting due to the pandemic.
  • President Trump took executive action to give tax relief to workers, ensure unemployment benefits for those out of work, prevent families from losing their homes to eviction or foreclosure, and provide student debt relief for Americans already hurting due to the virus.

Understanding the harmful toll a never-ending shutdown would have on our Nation, President Trump provided support to help states safely reopen as soon as they were able.

  • As we built out our critical medical supplies, flattened the curve, and rapidly expanded testing, states across the country were able to safely move towards reopening.
  • President Trump ensured they had the data and resources to reopen on the correct timeframe.

As hot spots have emerged, President Trump has surged resources to impacted areas while enabling us to prevent another nationwide shutdown.

  • The President has provided support to states facing new emergences of the virus, including surging testing sites, deploying medical personnel, and advising on mitigation strategies.

While the media and Democrats refuse to do so, President Trump has called out China for its actions to ensure we prevent a similar threat from arising again.

  • President Trump has rightly called out China’s handling of the virus for refusing to be transparent and failing to contain the virus before it spread.
  • The President held the WHO accountable for its egregious bias towards China that jeopardizes the safety of Americans.

Constitutional “Power Grab” Against the Public Regulation Commission : Vote NO to Amendment #1

VOTE NO to Amendment #1

Posted by Republican Party of Los Alamos on Friday, September 18, 2020

The upcoming election is important to every New Mexican who deserves to know the truth before casting their vote. There is an amendment to the constitution of the State of New Mexico on the ballot in November and voters will decide whether to give up their right to vote and give politicians more power. The governor and legislature don’t believe that the citizens of our great state have the ability to make the right choices when it comes to voting for who represents us at the Public Regulation Commission (PRC). They want to take away your right to vote for your PRC commissioner and give the power to the governor to appoint commissioners to six-year terms, who may not represent the needs or diversity of our communities.   

The Public Regulation Commission is a five-member elected, administrative agency created by the constitution of New Mexico and charged with the responsibility to regulate public utilities, transportation companies, transmission and pipeline companies and other public service companies, including the State Fire Marshal’s Office, in the manner provided by the legislature. The five districts represent our unique and diverse state, elected by voters to represent our multicultural landscape. The issues in each of these districts in our state vary given the demographics and population. But, despite the differences rural and urban districts may have in priorities, we can all agree that utility regulation and reliability matters to us all. 

Yes, there have been controversial issues in the past with individual commissioners that did not perform. However, both the legislature and voters worked to change that. In 2012, the legislature passed an amendment to Article 11 Section 1 of the New Mexico constitution to ensure that elected commissioners meet minimum education, experience and ethical standards. In contrast to other elected officials, they have strict restrictions on campaign donations. The commissioners, unlike the legislature and other state elected officials, are required to meet those minimum standards to earn their pay. The PRC has since proven that they are getting the job done for the people of New Mexico. Regardless of political party, the commission has shown that they can work together to ensure the best outcomes for the benefit of all New Mexicans. 

The PRC has educated, experienced, and competent staff, with engineers, economists and experts in utility regulation to advise commissioners. However, the commissioners are the ones that have to make the tough choices based on the best interest of their constituents. They are accountable to the voters of their district who decide whether they remain in their position. The last election proved the will of the people when two commissioners were voted out of office. The power should remain with the people and not given to career politicians influenced by special interests and money.

The PRC was recently evicted from the PERA building by the governor, leaving employees displaced and shamed. The uncertainty during the COVID pandemic has left PRC employees concerned about how they can meet their responsibilities to the public while working from remote sites.  Now, the threat of politicians taking over the PRC looms and choice and accountability lost by a misleading campaign to shame the PRC and fool voters into giving up their constitutional rights.

Don’t give up your right to vote on issues that will impact your utility rates and your ability to hold commissioners accountable. Any governor that wants to control and shame an agency that does an essential job for the benefit of the citizens of our great state should be checked. There is a separation of power between the branches of government for a reason.  This is worth considering before casting your vote. Power and choice should remain with the people NOT politicians. Vote NO to Amendment 1 on November 3, 2020.

Vote NO to Amendment 1

NO to Amendment 1 that will be on the ballot in November. Do you want to change the NMPRC to be made up of five ELECTED members to three APPOINTED by the Governor members? Do you want Representative Government or Administrative Government?The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (NMPRC) regulates the utilities, telecommunications, and motor carrier industries to ensure fair and reasonable rates, and to assure reasonable and adequate services to the public as provided by law.

The NMPRC promotes public safety through the offices of State Fire Marshal, the Firefighter Training Academy, Pipeline Safety Bureau and Transportation Division.

Be aware of what you are voting for/against.

VOTE NO to Amendment #1

Posted by Republican Party of Los Alamos on Friday, September 18, 2020

Elections have consequences!

Dear Friends,

This has been quite an eventful and unusual July so far.

President Trump presented an excellent speech at Mount Rushmore on July 3. The speech was positive and patriotic and spoke to the powerful heritage of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt. These imperfect men helped our country make great strides toward forming (not a perfect) but “a more perfect union.”

News outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and others inaccurately editorialized the President’s speech. This reoccurring, deceitful and distorted reporting is a disgrace and a great disservice to our country and is one of many problems facing the country.

Other National and State-wide Concerns:

  • The riots, looting, arson, and mayhem occurring across the nation.
  • The hijacking of constitutional, peaceful protesting.
  • The demands to defund the police or reallocate funds to even more social programs.
  • The demoralizing, unsafe restrictions imposed on police officers trying to maintain law and order.
  • The killing of babies even up to the point of birth. (ABQ is the late-term abortion capital of the US).
  • The movement to grant citizenship to more than 11 million illegal immigrants.
  • Hastily written “Red Flag” laws that ignore due process.
  • The assault on 2nd amendment rights.
  • The assault on oil and natural gas production.
  • Inconsistent Covid-19 response that has shut down small businesses while favoring big box stores.
  • The portrayal of America and our way of life as fundamentally flawed.
  • The agenda to dismantle our way of life and rebuild it into a “socialist utopia.”
  • Recently Joe Biden released his “Unity Plan.” One of the results of Biden’s collaborative effort with Bernie Sanders is a 110-page document that, for all intents and purposes, adopts aspects of Sanders’s socialist agenda. Sanders said, “When I talked to Joe awhile back, he said that he wants to be the most progressive president since FDR.”

Some Local Concerns:

  • The need for low cost utilities that are delivered efficiently.
  • The need for a streamlined system that promotes the success of local businesses, that does not impede them with a slow-moving bureaucracy and oppressive regulations.
  • The need to maintain a high level of health care using capital funds and partnerships.
  • The need for practical initiatives, not grandiose plans, that improve life here in Los Alamos.

Many of our Democrat, Independent and Libertarian brothers and sisters are watching the insanity running rampant across our country and are just as concerned as we are. They are looking for candidates who support their goals and values.   Let’s reach across the aisle and respectfully ask our non-Republican friends to join us in electing representatives who love this great country and are willing to support the rule of law and democracy.

Candidates need money!

Doorhangers and ads promote their messages.

PLEASE DONATE: We cannot hold our annual Constitution Day Dinner. In the past the proceeds from this major fundraiser have provided campaign funds for Republican candidates.

Please donate the cost of a dinner ticket which was usually $50.00 per person. (Hey, you don’t have to dress up, leave home, or listen to me jabber.) Any amount is appreciated.

Please visit the candidates’ websites, learn what their messages and values are, and support them as you can. You can also contribute at our donate page on this website or mail a check to the address below. The money will go to support candidates’ campaigns.

P.O. Box 832
Los Alamos, NM87544


We need a conservative voice locally. There are none on the council.
David Reagor, Los Alamos County Council

Send conservatives to the New Mexico Roundhouse:
Diamantina Prado Storment, NM Senate District 5

David E. Hampton, NM House District 43 

Send conservatives to Congress and the Senate.
Alexis Johnson – Congress CD-3

Mark Ronchetti – US Senate

Elect conservative judges.  ( https://newmexico.gop/2020-judicial-candidates/)

Barbara V. Johnson, NM Appeals Court, Position 1

Gertrude Lee, NM Appeals Court, Position 2

Ned Fuller – NM Supreme Court, Position 1

Kerry Morris – Supreme Court, Position 2

Thomas C. Montoya, NM Appeals Court, Position 3

Elect a conservative to the Public Regulation Commission.

Janice E. Arnold-Jones, Public Regulation Commission, District 1.
( https://newmexico.gop/2020-judicial-candidates/)

Other ways you can help:


Call me at 505-331-3686 if you would like to help with any of these efforts.

Reelect President Donald J. Trump!

4 More Years

Keep America Great.


Let’s turn New Mexico RED!!
Bill McKerley, RPLA Chairman