22 Days to a Trump Victory!

Dear Patriotic Trump Supporters,

President Trump called NM Republican Party Chair Steve Pearce and said that he hears about the activity in New Mexico and believes New Mexico will bring in a win for President Trump.

Vote early or by absentee ballot.  Early voting began on Tuesday, October 6th,  and will be available Monday through Saturday 8am – 5pm at the Municipal Building. Absentee ballots are accepted at the Municipal Building on drop-in or drive-through basis, or by mail.

Local Events:

Early Voting through October 31, 8am – 5pm @ Municipal Building, Los Alamos, and Absentee Ballots collected through November 3, 7pm

October 14.  Coffee and Conversation for Congress with Alexis Martinez Johnson, Wednesdays, 1pm – 2pm, Northern NM Trump Victory HQ, 1111 North Riverside, Espanola

October 17. Early Voting Begins through October 31, 8am – 6pm @ Town Hall in White Rock

October 17-18.  New Mexico Federation of Republican Women Fall Board Meeting, Ruidoso, Reservations by October 12, for details contact shonaneff@gmail.com

October 20.  Last day to request an Absentee Ballot from the County Clerk

October 24.  Trump Victory Rally on Trinity.  Wave Old Glory and Trump Flags, Candidates, Absentee Ballot Applications, Yard Signs, 10am – 1pm, 

November 3.  Election Day, Polls Open 7-7, Los Alamos Municipal Building, Golf Course, and White Rock Town Hall

Local Resources:

Volunteer to call voters, contact Jolyn McTeigue, Trump Victory Field Organizer, at j.mcteigue@gopnm.org

Be a Poll Challenger, go to DefendYourBallot.com, enter your information, click enlist, watch training video, complete affirmation, and you will be assigned

Request Trump Yard Signs and Bumper Stickers, James Whitehead whitejw77@gmail.com in Los Alamos and Joshua Muck jhmuck09@gmail.com in White Rock

Report political sign damage and theft to j.mcteigue@gopnm.org

Join Republican Party of Los Alamos, contact Bill McKerley at bmckerley@comcast.net

Join Federated Republican Women of Los Alamos, contact Shona Neff at shonaneff@gmail.com

Support David Reagor for Los Alamos County Council at reagor4council@gmail.com

Support David Hampton for New Mexico House District 43 at dehampton@comcast.net

Support Diamantina Storment for New Mexico Senate District 5 at donate.fundhero.io/diamantina4nmsenate

Support Alexis Martinez Johnson for Congressional District at alexis@alexisjohnsonnm.com

Support Mark Ronchetti for US Senate at markronchetti.com

Call to Prayer

Pray that we work and vote for an election victory for Trump, Hampton, Reagor, Groseclose, Storment, Martinez Johnson and Ronchetti. 

Pray for Godly wisdom and spiritual protection for President Trump, Vice President Pence, local candidates, their families and supporters. 

Pray for lies to be silenced, for people to stop being deceived and to turn to Christ

Pray that election fraud is exposed and stopped.

Educate friends and family on reasons to Vote Republican–God, life, electoral college, supreme court, right to bear arms, freedom to worship, freedom to speak, civil discourse, traditional family, and so much more!  

Our Country is depending on New Mexico and Our President is depending on us for a Trump Victory.  

My profound gratitude to the many volunteers, prayer partners and Trump supporters. God bless you.

Jolyn McTeigue
Trump Victory Field Director:  Los Alamos

Less than 30 days to save New Mexico!

Posted by Republican Party of Los Alamos on Tuesday, October 6, 2020